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Jarret Wollstein -- Editor and Publisher of the Intelligent Investor Report -- has over 25 years experience as a political and economic analyst, and has written and edited financial newsletters for over 17 years.

He has an excellent record of successful stock picks, with many up 30% to over 200% in just months.

Millions of people throughout the world have read Mr. Wollstein’s works, which include over 2,000 articles and 45 books on economics, finance, and politics.

Mr. Wollstein is also internationally-recognized as a privacy expert, and he is a member of Mensa with an IQ in the  top 2% in the world.



Build Your Wealth With One of the World’s Most Profitable and Authoritative Financial Newsletters

During the last five years, our stock picks have made excellent returns with 40% average annual profits -- winners and loser included. At that rate, a $10,000 investment grows to $53,782 in just five years. That makes the Intelligent Investor Report a very profitable financial newsletter for investors.

In addition to great stock prices, in the Intelligent Investor Report, you'll also find cutting-edge social and political analysis . . . money-saving privacy and tax briefs . . . and penetrating analysis of current events.

Jarret B. Wollstein, Editor & Publisher

Intelligent Investor Report

     Every month, the Intelligent Investor Report provides a unique blend of smart investment advice . . . cutting-edge economic and political commentary . . . exclusive privacy briefs . . . great stock picks . . . and economic and political analysis you won’t find anywhere else.

     How good are our stock picks? As of September 2013, our average stock pick was up over 47% compared to just 15% for the average DOW stock during the same period. That makes the Intelligent Investor Report a very profitable stock newsletter. And these gains are 100% publicly documented in our on-line portfolios, freely available to all subscribers.

     Over the last five years, we've had dozens of great stock picks including . . .

     In 2013, we continue to recommend stocks that are making excellent returns, including these picks in our current portfolio (9-25-13). . .

intelligent investor reportDominion (D) -- financial -- up 73.87%.

intelligent investor reportExtra Space Storage, Inc. (EXR) -- up

intelligent investor reportMasterCard (MA) -- up 90.67%.

the investors guide magazine

intelligent investor reportVisa (V) -- up 87.97%.

In addition to great stock picks, we also recommend other high-returning investments, like gold and solver bullion coins -- which have gone up over 5-fold over the years we have been recommending them.

      To get returns like these, a subscription to my Intelligent Investor Report newsletter is important because in investing, timing is everything, and only by subscribing do you receive my precise buy and sell instructions.

What's more, great investment picks are just one of the benefits of subscribing to my Intelligent Investor Report.

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Cutting-Edge Economic & Financial Updates That Can Save You a Bundle

Learn how to invest in high-return dividend stocks . . . how slash your taxes by up to 62% . . . how to buy gold at the lowest possible prices.

     In addition to profitable investment picks, in my Intelligent Investor Report you will also discover cutting-edge economic and financial updates that can save you a bundle including:

intelligent investor reportExclusive financial articles that could make high returns like these past and upcoming articles: “Six Ways to Profit from a Falling Dollar” . . . “200% to 500% Profits From Penny Stocks” . . . “5% to 13% Annual Returns From Peer-to-Peer Lending”. . . “The Next Great Tech Stocks” . . . “34 Ways to Save Up to 62% On Your Taxes,” and “Avoiding 10 Common Scams and Rip-offs.”

intelligent investor reportSlash your taxes and protect your hard-earned money with our exclusive money-saving tax and privacy briefs, explaining “How to Cut Your Audit Risk by 95%” . . . “Why Government-Run Medicine Is Bad for your Health” . . . “Avoiding ‘Cash for Gold’ Scams” . . . “Using Swiss Annuity to Protect Your Retirement Savings” . . . and much more.

intelligent investor reportHow to get high returns in any market with our periodic Investing 101 articles for new investors explaining how to open on-line stock accounts . . . making market volatility work for you . . . best ways to invest in gold, silver and platinum . . . how to use stop-losses to lock in profits and limit losses . . . how to minimize taxes on your stock profits . . . and more.

intelligent investor reportFREE Urgent Investor Alerts (a $75-value). Subscribe now, and at no additional charge, you will also receive our periodic email “Urgent Investor Alerts,” with important buy and sell stock recommendations.

intelligent investor reportIIR On-Line Back Issue and Reports Archives (a $195-value), including years of back issues and subscribers-only reports, totaling hundreds of pages of valuable and unique information.

     Just one recommendation from the Intelligent Investor Report could easily save or make you thousands of dollars!

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ten commandments of buying silver and gold

Ten Commandments of Gold and Silver (a $50 value) . . . Why huge U.S. deficits and growing global demand mean precious metals will go much higher in the next few years . . . How to buy gold and silver at the lowest prices . . . Coins, bullion or numismatics: What form to buy it in . . . Finding a dealer you can trust . . . How to discretely and safely buy and sell precious metals.


swiss annuities

The IIR Guide to Swiss Annuities (a $50 value) . . . The world’s most powerful retirement investment . . . How Swiss Annuities enable you to legally build wealth tax-free . . . Different types of Swiss Annuities . . . Buying foreign real estate with a Swiss Annuity . . How to protect your privacy when opening a Swiss Annuity . . . Four ways Swiss banks still protect your privacy . . . and Where to buy a Swiss Annuity, including a list of Swiss banks


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Surviving Financial Crisis -- originally $195. My nearly 200-page mega-report explains everything you need to know about protecting your investments, assets, job, and family in this or any other financial crisis.

In this exclusive Special Report you will learn:

How to find out now if your bank and insurance company are among the hundreds that will fail in the next few years or one of the safe ones.

How we got into this financial crisis and why government solutions are creating a second, even worse financial bubble.

How to save big on everything you buy, from food . . . to clothing . . . to cars . . . to houses.

Why you can't trust bank safe deposit boxes, and great ways to hide your valuables.

Why it's quickly becoming essential to protect your savings and assets, and how to get started.

The shocking truth about unemployment and how the government has been lying to us.

24 great ideas for keeping your company in business.

How to slash your taxes legally . . . including how to legally pay zero taxes. (Yes, it is still possible!)

16 practical and creative ways to avoid foreclosure.

Protecting your family, home and community from soaring crime . . . and what is to come.

Best investments during a financial crisis.

The new liberty movement -- practical steps you can take now to help build a prosperous, free and secure America.

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I also receive: Access to the IIR archives with years of previous issues plus subscriber-only Special Reports (a $150-value) . . . periodic email Urgent Financial Alerts . . . and one-year of The Intelligent Investor Report with your latest financial and economic analysis, portfolio updates, periodic Investing 101 articles for new investors, money-saving privacy briefs, and cutting-edge geopolitical analysis.


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